We have changed!

As part of the agenda at our recent Darwin meeting, the national delegates undertook a strategic review of our existing business direction. As part of the review, we compared our business objectives in our respective states and conducted an analysis of how the School Manager role has increased in capability and responsibility since the association was first formed. A number of states effectively have their schools managed, by the Business Manager in the capacity of a small to medium enterprise (SME). At the extreme end of the scale some sites experience in excess of 2000 students, 250 staff, large complex buildings and grounds and multi-million dollar budgets to manage. With the knowledge and management of such complex school business activities, effective business leadership is required to ensure the core business outcomes, of successfully educating our students, is achieved. Our analysis of the complexity that the School Business Manager is now required to undertake and the review of our vision, mission and association aims led us in the direction that the previous association name was no longer a true reflection of the role undertaken by the school administrator or business manager. After much research and consultation our committee adjusted its Vision, Mission and Aims and decided to rename our association as 'Australian School Business Leaders Association' (ASBLA). 


Connecting Australian School Business Leaders


ASBLA promotes the building of capacity in Professional Leadership and drives improvement in Education Business excellence.

Our Aims:

  1. Leading the profession
  2. Supporting State and Territory Associations
  3. Communicate and develop opportunities for sharing and growth
  4. Develop excellence in common national professional development
  5. To act as a lobbying group on educational issues


ASBLA represents and supports state school business leaders across Australia and covering all school sectors including High Schools, Primary Schools, P-12 Colleges and Special Education.

Previously known as AAGSA, our association has been committed to supporting, and building the capacity of its members across all state schools, since 2004.